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Long Arm Machine Quilting Services

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Preparation For Quilting Machine

Be sure all excess thread is cut off on both sides of the quilt top and backing. The quilt top and backing should be pressed flat. To avoid confusion, label the quilt front and back indicating the "top" of each. Both the batting and backing should measure 8-10" longer and wider than the quilt top. If the backing needs to be pieced, cut off selvages if there are any, and sew together with a 1/2" seam allowance. Press the seams open. Square up the backing and be sure all edges of the quilt top are trimmed evenly. There is no need to baste your quilt layers together. If the quilt is to be embellished with buttons, charms, pins, etc., add them after the quilt has been quilted so as not to interfere with the machine quilting process.


The rates are for a pantograph pattern in one thread color. Other custom quilting and specialty work will be priced on request. Some patterns may be higher priced.

$30.00 minimum for pantographs and $40.00 for custom quilting

$22.50 / square yard. (Quilt size is calculated to the next full inch. Example: 71 1/2" becomes 72").

To Figure Cost
Width x Length = square yards

Square yards x $22.50 = machine quilting cost.

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Batting and Binding

You may supply your own batting or purchase batting from me. Fusible batting is not recommended.

Binding Prices are as follows:

$4.00/ yard separate binding (strips of fabric are cut, machine stitched to the right side and hand stitched on back).

Call to schedule a free design consultation.

Additional Costs

Ironing, squaring up the backing, piecing, trimming threads, and other services needed to prepare quilt for quilting are charged at a rate of $20/ hour. ( $20 minimum.) Please be sure to prepare your quilt properly by referring to the instructions given in this page.

There is an additional fee for specialty threads and variegated threads. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Rush orders: 50% surcharge with a $30.00 minimum. Prices subject to change without notice.

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